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Results driven, professional massage 

therapy that encourages a 

mind-body awareness to obtain the most 

beneficial healing results

Sessions are still available for Memorial Weekend! 

Students - I can help you get rid of your neck and shoulder 

tension so you can focus on your studies, and do great on your





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  • Student Stressbuster $12

    Being a student requires a lot of sitting, listening, reading and concentration. This can cause a lot of strain on a person's body when the muscles try to accommodate uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time. Using improper posture while using electronic devices can exert the muscles in the neck and shoulders, eventually leading to headaches and muscle pain. Electronic devices and computers put a lot of strain on eyes as well. 

    If you're stressed over upcoming exams or graduation, having trouble sleeping, or you've been experiencing anxiety in general, I would like to help you relax and clear your mind.


  • Stress Relieving Relaxation Session $45

    This one-hour relaxation massage is a wonderful way to take time out for yourself to de-stress and recharge.  Life is better when you feel better.


  • Customized Therapeutic Massage Session $60

    This one-hour deep tissue session is especially for clients suffering from overworked, tense muscles that are causing chronic pain and discomfort. When our bodies don't feel well, it can be difficult to manage the stresses of life.



  • Chair Massage at your place of business

    Studies have shown that employees who receive on-site seated massage at work, tend to have better work habits and overall morale. It's a simple and affordable way to show your employees that you appreciate them and care about their well-being.



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